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Aaaargh! [Apr. 3rd, 2011|12:06 pm]
Ok, thats the embattled battle cry of someone trying to change his ways.

I need to ditch the snacking, no more iced honeybuns the size of small hams .... no more sneaking a meatball sub in midweek.

The goal ... single digit body fat percentage .... Right now I'm hovering between 11-13% on a good day. I can do better ....

Is it the shoes? .... nope ...

It's all me .... Must do something about this ... hence the reason I'm writing it down. Perhaps that will inspire me to stay motivated.


Today hasn't been off to a good start ...

One honeybun, a glass of sunny-d ....

Ugh ... oh well gym in 30mins or so I guess.